Art Box Project– San Jose

These days San Jose is getting much more colorful. It had to happen, but no one saw it coming. San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley, a home and a platform for innovation. But despite the cities central location for modern and technological entrepreneurship, the art scene has been rarely worth noting, at least until recently. In the past decade San Jose has experienced a slow but steady, and more recently, exponentially growing movement of art initiatives. Most recently, the Art Box Project has begun to transform our cities landscape into a surprising, bright, and creative experience for the residents. There are few things in the suburbs that stand out more than a brightly painted electrical box. In Downtown San Jose this scene has become ubiquitous, with an electrical box painted in every neighborhood. More recently, a sister Ghost Box Project has been dominating downtown sidewalks as well, but in a less conspicuous way by camouflaging the walls of street boxes to the surrounding city-scape. The projects’ predecessor is the Phantom Gallery project, which transforms South 1st Street into a myriad of art galleries every first Friday of the month. The Art Box Project was started by Tina Morrill in order to color the streets of San Jose with culture and art, as well as to inspire the integration of art in the community. And if the city ever runs out of the electrical box canvas, well there’s quite more blank spaces waiting to be filled.


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