let’s get together

Marvin Gaye said it, but I have a slightly different idea in mind. There are so many things that need to be said, that need to be explored, that need to be created and that need to be recycled (because destruction is not the way to go). Yet despite all of the things that must be done in our communities and all of the opportunities to make the difference, sometimes finding the right opportunity for the right individual can be harder than the work needed to be done. The Bay Area community is socially- conscious, it may not seem like that a lot of the time, but at the end of the day almost everybody is interested in helping at least one aspect of our communities flourish. So then what’s the problem? Is it the lack of incentive or the lack of outreach in our communities that’s preventing people from getting involved? Maybe it’s both. In order to strengthen the community and culture of the Bay Area, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals need to establish a channel of communication that will facilitate the type of communication necessary in order to get the ball rolling and the people involved.

What kind of channel? Well let’s see, we live in the information age, at the Tech center of the world, in one of the most diverse communities in the United States. Surely there are ways in which local non-profits and start-ups can find a way to make communication more accessible for everyone. After a channel of communication is established, finding the funding is another matter which needs addressing, yet as this would be another non-profit effort, this matter would be resolved through city and government grants as well as tax-cuts.

And then what? Well, then we watch as the community comes together for personal and community enrichment. Is that not our societies goal? Are we not trying to strengthen and empower the individuals of our communities in order to ameliorate our society? Aren’t there more possibilities for personal, financial, spiritual and creative advancement in an environment that supports and encourages this type of growth? I sure believe so, and that is why I think it’s time to learn to get together.


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