Man down

On March 2nd two police officers shot and killed a man who was allegedly presenting an “imminent danger” to the public. The chase ended in a South San Jose neighborhood with the suspect being shot over a dozen times. There was no word in the news of what crime the man was suspected of, all that was said was that the suspect rammed his car into two police vehicles and drove away at a high speed, prompting a police chase.

The most disconcerting thing about this incident is that the police officers killed a man without him standing trial. In a situation where a single individual is clearly outnumbered by at least a dozen officers is there really a need for murder? In the video of the shooting at least a dozen gun shots can be heard, and after a search no weapon of the has been found. I believe that this tragic incident is shinning light on the fact that violence in our communities is a lot more ambiguous than we’d like to believe.

The controversies of gun control have mainly raised questions over the rights of civilians to bear arms. But apparently, the use of proper gun control is an issue in regards to the police force as well.


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