Santa Cruz

The best beaches, the boardwalk, super nice people (excluding territorial bros) and serene scenery are just a couple of the things that make Santa Cruz one of the best places for fun in the sun. From the secluded Panther beach up highway 1 down to Capitola’s center beach contoured by colorful homes and shops, the mellow lifestyle of Santa Cruz is what makes people living in northern California “soft” or as Californians like to call it “chill”.
Santa Cruz gets its fare share of gray days too, yet the lack of sunshine doesn’t take away from the towns beauty, instead it highlights a different side of this ocean side haven. A cool Pacific breeze cuts deeper than bone. It touches the soul and releases it from the confinement of the body. This may seem like a call for meditation, it is. It’a a call to step outside and smell the air, feel the breeze and escape the body. This isn’t about all that “mind altering” stuff practically handed out on the streets of Santa Cruz. It is about what nature has to share in the redwood forest, the parade of monarch butterflies and the infinity waves.



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